Commercial Packaging

Commercial packaging has two essential responsibilities. The first responsibility is for it to protect the goods inside. This is a major necessity as the item may need weather proofing, vacuum sealing, or some other form of protection from any of the outside elements during storage or transport. The second responsibility is for labeling, information and which usually results in slants of advertising and promotion. The line between informing and advertising is a fairly thin line and can often disappear if one is not careful.

Commercial Packaging for Protection

There are various forms of commercial packaging that can protect the contents and make sure it is delivered into the hands of the targeted consumer in a form that is satisfactory. Within this category there are multiple technologies. One such technology is shrink wrapping, another is bottling, others include canning, bagging and crating. The technology involved in, let’s say, canning, is used primarily in the food industry. In this case foods like sardines, biscuits and jams are sealed in air tight processes that allow the foods contained within them to last for long times, even over a period of a few years for some items.  Another example is the bundling of a few items into one convenient bag. Typically, sachets of instant coffee, or value packs of chocolate bars are placed within one cellophane wrapper and labeled.

Wrappers for Advertising

Another huge dual-use benefit for commercial packaging is that it can be used to attract and inform. As a mix of advertising and labeling, these cans, bags, wrappers and boxes provide a very colorful display for those who are looking for a certain product. In generic packaging, the colors are usually muted but in premium items the packaging is fully  taken advantage of an used to entice, inform and convince potential customers to purchase the product. Advertising on wrappers falls under the categories of Point of Sale advertising as well as informing and with this dual use, new technology can be used to promote attractive mediums of advertising.  For instance, printable plastic sheets are ideal for candy bags and wrappers. Bright colors are added to the process that attract customers and are able to catch the eye of a customer when crossing the aisle at the store.

Boxing for Transport

Whatever the medium of protection, boxing so a common element that is used in the transportation of goods. The boxes allow an added layer of protection against the elements, against movements and crashes and it also keeps the environment within the boxes fairly stable to a certain extent. Boxes also provide an added benefit of being able to allow cranes, forklifts and people to carry them over short distances.

Whether it is for unifying, for protection or for advertising, technology has certainly come a long way when it comes to this area. There are new materials and new methods that make old material useable in ways that can protect, transport and advertise consumer and industrial goods all at the same time.